Company Profile

American Retail Alliance Corp. (ARA) markets and distributes new and innovative consumer goods through the nation’s largest retail pharmacy chain stores, independent drug and health food stores, multi-level organizations and product specific catalogs.

ARA positions companies, inventors, product developers and entrepreneurs having market ready products with a quick and inexpensive means for national retail distribution.

The combined Consumer Non-Durable Goods and Wholesale Distribution Markets are a multi- billion dollar industry. ARAs current product offerings appeal to a broad spectrum of consumers ranging from Baby Boomers to Generation Z. The Companys ability to represent a unique blend of products (durable, non-durable, consumer and pharmaceutical categories) enhances its target market.

Newly developed or invented products have a long journey to market before becoming a financial success. Many never get noticed. Reasons for this include manufacturing issues and costs, lack of national distribution and effective marketing strategies. The process for becoming an insured vendor at a national retail chain store is lengthy and costly with no guarantee of consumer acceptance of the product(s). Most chains require a company have multiple sku’s and a working knowledge of how to navigate inner channels.

The Company, through exclusive vendor relationships, is able to test market new products to a smaller demographic within the retail chain store infrastructure. Once a product is placed for testing, a proprietary marketing campaign is implemented. ARA’s unique advertorial campaign is designed to educate and engage the target audience to procure sales. The results are evaluated, adjusted if necessary and determination made as to viability of a national rollout. ARA is able to assign a sku # to the new product, negotiate terms for placement at retail locations and execute a marketing plan to drive sales.

ARA distributes products through and maintains agreements with Walgreens, CVS, Rite Aid, McKesson, Kerr Drug and Amway and product specific catalogs

The Company has formed strategic alliances and partnerships with companies that provide promotion services for products as well as direct response companies. These services include infomercial and video production for products airing on TV and cable. Products are also marketed using a database of 3000 newspaper advertisements, television
commercials and infomercials. ARA maintains relationships with celebrities, medical doctors and other professionals and experts who contractually provide product endorsements. ARAs unique product ad campaign is designed to educate and engage the target audience to procure sales while providing the client with highly advantageous distribution channels.

The Company seeks out exclusive, first-to-market, new and innovative market ready products designed to enhance the consumers lifestyle by saving them time and money. ARAs market share will increase exponentially as distribution channels for products are expanded from the test phase to full distribution and as new products are introduced. Market share tends to increase as the brand is expanded and popularized.

ARA is continually adding innovative new or improved consumer products wrapped with a proprietary blend of marketing and advertising strategies for successful distribution. These products are usually first to market or superior to existing ones. The Companys vendor relationships with its accounts enables speedy product placement at the retail level as well as the ability to launch a test market in select stores. Walgreens product procurement department now contacts ARA when they have a vetted product in need of a quick access to market.